Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck said during a debate on Meet The Press on Sunday that he believes being gay is a choice, but that there are predisposing factors, just as there are for other things like alcoholism. He did clarify that he was not saying homosexuality is a disease or even a problem, just that one ultimately can choose their partner. WakeUpWorld! is not so much interested in the typical debate over homosexuality here. What we want to know is whether you think it matters.  Who cares whether homosexuality is a choice or not? What kinds of implications are there if homosexuality is or is not a choice? We're dealing with peoples' lives and identities here, so please be sensitive. :)

Read the short story from NBC News below...
Buck on homosexuality: 'You have a choice'
During a debate on 'Meet the Press' Sunday, Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck said he believes that being gay is a choice but that, "like alcoholism," there are also biological factors that contribute to homosexuality.

Asked by host David Gregory if he thinks being gay is a choice, Buck replied, "I do."

"You can choose who your partner is," Buck added. "I think that birth has an influence, like alcoholism and some other things ... But I think that, basically, you have a choice."

After the debate, Buck clarified that he thinks there is "some element of predisposition" in homosexuality. He noted that he mentioned alcoholism as an example of another behavior that can be influenced by genetic factors.

"I wasn't talking about being gay as a disease," Buck said. "I don't think that at all."

Speaking to reporters after the debate, Buck's Democratic opponent, Michael Bennet, called Buck's characterization of homosexuality "deeply troubling."

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