Every year, it's the same thing. Money. Gifts. Lines. Traffic. Last-minute shopping. Shopping months in advance. Money. Money. Money...

What if this year we ALL did Christmas a little differently? What if we decided to change up the tradition of Christmas from spending all kinds of money on material gifts to spending all kinds of money on SAVING PEOPLES' LIVES

Isn't it a bit ironic that we say Christmas is all about love and gift-giving and yet the people we ignore every Christmas are the ones who need that love and those gifts the most? What if you could change a child's life in Africa by spending $20 on getting them some food or clean water instead of an iPod for your brother? What if you could play a role in helping to change human history by asking your family and friends to donate money on your behalf to helping those in greater need than you? Wouldn't that be real, selfless love?

Wouldn't that be what Christmas is really all about?

Advent Conspiracy has been inspiring people like us to make a difference in this world instead of just in our bank accounts and material value for the last four years. Will this be the year that you step up to the plate?

Watch the video below. It may change your perspective on Christmas forever.
11/26/2010 04:42:35 am

I decided to do something about Advent Conspiracy this year. I blogged a bit about it, if you're interested: amandakait.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/advent-conspiracy/

11/28/2010 07:59:48 am

This is beautiful!!! Exactly the wake up call we need. Thank you thank you thank you!!

That video is beautiful and brings tears of joy and hope to my eyes!


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