Power is hard to get, harder to keep, and still harder to give up. As the violent pro-democracy protests continue in Egypt, president Hosni Mubarak announced on Thursday night that he will remain in office until his current term ends in September. With at least 300 deaths in Egypt since the violence began, Friday is set to become the largest protest yet, and possibly the bloodiest. Mubarak has clearly heard his people say that they want him out, and they want him out now. But he has also made it clear that he plans on clinging to power as long as he possibly can. Our cravings for power can hold quite a bit of power over us themselves, and Mubarak may be a prime example of it. When you give your life to satisfying one particular goal, one particular craving of the soul, then when you lose that one thing, you lose everything. Is it really worth holding on to one thing so tightly? Which of life's pursuits and offerings are worth such stubborn dedication, and which are not? What do you think?

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