Never saw the point in giving up the things you love for Lent every year? Well, here's one reason that will actually make a difference. Drink only tap water from now until April 23 and give the money you otherwise would have spent on other beverages (coffee, tea, carbonated goodness) to provide people in Africa with clean drinking water! $1 can provide a year's worth of water for one person in Africa. $1! Who would have thought you could help others around the world get clean water simply by...just drinking water. Check it out at
Abortion, rape, violence, oppression, cutting, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, abuse, family problems, divorce, a broken heart, failure...So many of us struggle with defining ourselves by our most personal character flaws and our most painful past experiences. Tenth Avenue North reminds us with this powerful video that we do not have to be defined by our past mistakes. What has defined you? What still does?
Mary Karen Read's last words in her journal before being killed in the Virgina Tech shooting were about forgiveness. Do you think it's possible to forgive someone even for the most evil and horrendous crimes of our world? Do you think we should? What would you say to the person who took your life away?