We all have cravings. 

I crave assurance. Assurance that at the end of all this financial partnership-building I'm doing, I'll actually reach my financial support goal and be able to do the work I've stepped out in faith to do. I crave assurance that that will take place before coming to the point of giving up a year from now (although it's likely I wouldn't). I crave assurance, basically, that I won't fail. That God really is in control of this whole thing. Honest, isn't it?

That's not the only thing I crave. At times in my life, I have craved companionship. I've craved purpose. I've craved activity, food, rest, entertainment, root beer, love, and even just to be liked.
We all have cravings.

Sometimes they're for trivial things like ice cream or the latest episode of The Office (or Chicken McNuggets if you've seen that crazy lady on YouTube), but they can also be much more serious. Am I right? Cravings for things like intimacy...meaning...purpose... Cravings we continually try to satisfy, but almost always can't. I mean, sure we try to convince ourselves that we have. We try to make ourselves think that we're "living the dream." But are we, really? Or have we just accepted. In fact, I think it's exactly this inability to really truly fulfill our deepest desires that has led us as a culture and as an entire society to 'settle.' To settle for less than we were created for. To settle for 'normal.'

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you probably find yourself in this position quite often. The status quo. 'Normal.' Even though you may try to convince yourself that things are much better than they really are. But here's the thing. I don't think we have to settle for 'normal.' In fact, I don't think we have to settle at all. Got your interest yet?

Don't you think that there's a reason why we're born with these cravings deep down in our souls that we just can't seem to ultimately satisfy? Don't you think they might be a part of some kind of design? After all, they can't be explained away. They can't simply be reduced to chemicals and evolutionary theory. Impersonal chemicals can't 'decide' that you should crave personal intimacy with another human being. And it would make no sense for us to crave purpose if we really lived in a body that just kind of...came to be all on its own. But don't you think there might be a purpose behind these innate desires we all seem to carry with us through our lives?

I do. In fact, I believe our soul's deepest cravings, and our inability to satisfy them by ourselves, are in many ways to point us toward the direction our lives are really supposed to be headed in. It's not that we shouldn't crave these things. It's that these cravings can only really be fulfilled by one thing, and we'll keep searching from thing to thing our whole lives until we find it. I think that one thing, for all of us, is God. I think that's the way we were created. And before you start calling me crazy, just think about it with me for a moment.

My inability to in and of myself satisfy my craving for total assurance of the future actually forces me to recognize that I cannot be the 'god' of my own life. I don't actually have complete control over my own destiny, as much as I like to think I do. In fact, I control very little of what makes me who I am today (and the same goes for you). That can be hard to accept, but nonetheless it's true. But the fact that I do crave, and yet cannot find complete satisfaction of my cravings on my own, I believe, is God's way of showing me that I was created to know him. That in the very fabric of my being, and in the deepest needs and cravings of my soul, I was designed to know my creator. My soul cravings are not meant to be fulfilled by anything in this world; they're meant to show me what I'm really supposed to be about. And if that's true, then it follows that I can only experience true fulfillment in fulfilling the purpose I was specifically designed and created for. Could it be that God has a greater and more joyful purpose for your life that you haven't even considered? Could it be that he has given you the potential to do something far greater than you could ever possibly do on your own? Could the cravings of your soul point to his desire to have a relationship with you and to help you unleash your full, God-given potential? This isn't about "what works for me." This is about how we were all created and designed. A car was designed for driving. Attempting to fly it in the air is probably a pointless endeavour. A table was designed for putting things on, so trying to sleep on it like a bed probably isn't going to be the most comfortable experience in the world. Similarly, we were created to find our greatest purpose and deepest fulfillment in life in the one who designed us to experience it: God. And we can try our whole lives to find that purpose and fulfillment in other things, and probably have some degree of success, but in the end, we will have never experienced the true fullness of life that we were intended to. We will have missed the point.

Check out some of the articles and stories on the MyCravings website if you are interested in exploring more about your deepest soul cravings. What have you got to lose? 

What does your soul crave?
12/12/2010 12:17:26

Thank you for writing this. It really impacted me. It was definitely something I needed to read.


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