Today is "Good Friday," the day when the world remembers Jesus' horrible crucifixion and death two thousand years ago. He was betrayed by one of his closest friends, arrested by his own people who he came to save, scourged mercilessly, stripped in humiliation, mocked with a crown of thorns pushed into his head, spat upon, beaten, forced to carry his own cross, nailed by his wrists and ankles to that same cross, hauled upright, and left hanging there to die. So what's so "good" about Good Friday? It certainly doesn't seem like a very happy event on the surface, does it? 

I think much of the answer to that question lies in some of Jesus' last words while hanging on that cross, before finally giving up his life. "It is finished." 
Note: If you are not familiar with Westboro Baptist Church prior to reading this open letter, watch a bit of ABC's 20/20 report here. You'll get the idea.

Dear Pastor Fred Phelps and members of Westboro Baptist Church;

I forgive you.

That's probably not what you were expecting. You probably don't think you need my forgiveness. Most other people reading this probably don't think you deserve it. Nevertheless, I forgive you.