Ah, Christmas...A time when families come together to enjoy one another's company. A time to express love for those who are closest to you through the giving of your gifts and time. A time to celebrate all the goodness of life...right?

Ok, let's be honest with each other. You realize it too. Christmas in our society today is essentially a giant commercial for consumerism and warm fuzzy feelings. We spend, spend, spend our money on gifts and then spend a little bit of time with our families...or we just spend time with our gifts...but often it's just more stressful than anything else. Now, I'm all for family time, but having shopping as Necessary Christmas Component Number One is getting a little wearisome if you ask me. And neither of these things are the point. Whose birthday is it again? From all the money flying from person to person, it's hard to tell that we're really celebrating the birth of God in the person of Jesus Christ. 
Have you ever thought about how ironic it is that the statement "Truth is relative" must either be absolutely true or absolutely false?

I have. And yet it's a very popular and seemingly prevailing philosophy in our time. More and more, it seems as though people across the Western world in particular are becoming convinced that truth, especially as it relates to morality and spiritual belief, is the new beauty: it's simply in the eyes of the beholder. There are no absolutes. Truth is dependent upon a culture or a worldview or a single individual's perception of what is right or wrong for them personally...

Yeah, I'm not buying it.